Let's change our perspective!

For 2024, Idéobain is inviting its stakeholders – exhibitors, visitors and partners – to change perspective with a view to tackling the many challenges we face today. The purpose of this theme is to promote a proactive spirit at the show, with a focus on seeking solutions. 

Idéobain will use four key areas: Adaptation, Innovation, People, Local governments

The Idéobain Universe

Sanitaryware, sanitary fitting, plumbing technics

Shower Balneo Wellness, sauna, hammam & spas  

Furniture, accessories, bathroom decor, radiators & towel dryers

Flooring materials, tiles

Who exibits

Material & solution manufacturers & suppliers

  • Sanitaryware
  • Furniture
  • Sanitary fitting
  • Plumbing technics
  • Shower Balneo Wellness
  • Accessories
  • Materials

Professional & institutional organizations

  • Certification, environmental labels 
  • Public and institutional establishments and services
  • Associations, NGOs, clusters, unions
    and foundations
  • Education and training or recruitment organizations
  • Professional organizations 

Service companies

  • Financing, banks and insurance
  • Certified diagnosticians
  • Consulting & low carbon engineering
  • EWC system and agents
  • Press & media


Who visits

Professionnals in architecture, installation and project planning

  • Implementation, installation (craftsmen, contractors, installers, etc.)
  • Project management, prescription, technical building design
  • Project management, individual houses construction, real estate programs

Manufacturing, trading and distribution professionals

  • Material manufactures, equipments, for construction or for the building
  • Trade or distribution of equipment and materials


Associations, service organizations
and local actors

  • The local communities and authorities
  • Engineering and architecture students, apprentices, compagnons, craftmen
  • Associations, unions and service companies

Demonstrations on every stand

The bathroom is a breeding ground for innovation: each year sees a new batch of solutions offering ever greater comfort, functionality and safety. Bathrooms are also becoming more and more scalable, allowing them to be adapted to the latest trends and regulations.

Trend-setter in home design

Designing, fitting out and decorating a bathroom is both a creative and technical challenge, for novices and experts alike. The bathroom is a complex room, whose layout must combine aesthetics and comfort  but also functionality and safety.


The industry trains, employs and hires

Federations are increasingly taking initiatives to promote bathroom professions, but the entire industry needs to do more to strengthen its appeal.

An event that plays its part in decarbonisation!

The building and construction sector emits 145Mt of CO2e a year. Together with transportations, our sector is the main emitter of CO2 and is therefore a key priority if France’s decarbonisation strategy is to succeed!

Conscious of the environmental and societal challenges to which we must respond collectively, Idéobain is committed to a long-term strategy aiming to reduce its impact on climate, the environment and biodiversity as much as possible.